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“It has a timeless, beautiful, enigmatic sense of Shiva and his story…”

Jag blir alltid lika förtjust när två eller fler av mina intresseområden möts på så här härliga sätt! Vivek Oberoi är en av mina absoluta favoritskådisar, Shiva en av de mest framträdande krafterna i mitt liv, och så förstås böcker som har en given plats i min vardag :)

Bokpremiären för The Secret of the Nagas, andra delen i Amish Tripathis Shiva-trilogi (igår i Mumbai, Indien):




“The first book [The Immortals of Meluha] was such a page turner! It was incredible! It was so spiritual, so beautifully woven between Indian mythology and spirituality, and we’re not limited with reason or logic or history or historical fact or evidence and I love the fact that he took that element and wove it through a story and made it so human and made it so identifiable. [...]

I was wondering if he’d be able to carry forward the beauty, the charisma, the constant magical enigma of Shiva forward into The Secret of the Nagas, and when I started reading it I really wanted to reach out and compliment my friend, because I felt that he’d grown as a writer, ’cause this book goes deeper. It’s so amazing, because while it carries the story forward it’s also so socially relevant today, today when Anna Hazare is out there fighting for a better India, today when there’s people’s movements going on all across the world and different kinds of ideologies and philosophies clashing for mind-space… This book even relates to that, and that’s the beauty of it.

So all that I’d like to say is that I’m really really proud of my friend. I think Amish has gotten better, and when you read the second book you feel that he was a little superficial in the first book ;) ’cause he’s gotten so much more deeper, and it’s deeper in terms of ideology, philosophy, spirituality and definitely a lot more exciting and entertaining. [...]

And a little prayer as a fan, I’d like to say that I believe – like what you said in the foreword – is that Shiva somehow chose you to tell his story. So thank you for sharing it with us, and I hope that he keeps whispering into your soul, these beautiful moments that you weave into the book.”

~ Vivek Oberoi

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